In all honesty the idea of D.A.C Art Of Streetwear started while Owner and CEO Daniel Dunn (which is me, I thought it would be cool to write about the story in a third person's perspective lol but anyways) was in his senior year of Mount Vernon High School.

Senior year is like the moment when most teenagers are picky when it comes to their future. Daniel was no different, he actually wanted to be a track athlete and was thinking about studying Sports Medicine in college even though he knows he's not the best in science subjects he just wanted to help people who suffer from sport injuries like him.

He wasn't even thinking about owning a brand, but that all changed in January 2018 when he was facing more injuries which led him into depression not knowing if he'd get back in time to achieve his track goals. Casually watching videos on youtube he came upon a way to design clothing. Just for fun he wanted to play around with a few ideas in his head.

Each day it became like an addiction and joy in his dark times. Couple months back he remember he read a book called "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and a lightbulb went off in his head. He figured maybe he could start his own company, a brand on his perspective. He already liked to dress but not like how everyone in school was dressing. Even though they didn't dress like him they still liked what he had on, so why not start his own brand creating exclusive, innovating designs and clothes with his own narrative?

One thing though he just couldn't imagine starting something like this especially as an introvert. With passion he continued practicing showing little to no one what he designed and barely telling people what he wanted to do. On August 2018 he got his first sample shirt made and that is when the journey began. 

Here's a look of the very first stage of the brand when he posted just samples




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  • Claudine

    Emmanuel says that he wants his entire closet to be DAC

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