What Is The Brand D.A.C Art Of Streetwear

D.A.C Art Of Streetwear is a person in an artistic form. It's their perspective, it's their opinions and the way they see things. The person likes to wear clothes that whenever you see it you have to look. It's not no walking pass it saying it's regular. You have to look. It's just different, and different to the person is finding things that are undervalued and highlighting it. Maybe even over exaggerating it.  

It's their platform of art that can also be used to talk about issues in an artistic way. It's like the person sees all good. For example it can even show the good in  people of the KKK even though it may cause controversy and that's coming from a person proudly of the black community. Instead of judging we try to understand, It's character, it's highlighting different ways of living like religions. It's thinking of all good even if people opposes it.

It's also showing the individuality of other people. Highlighting the good in them. It's listening to other cultures and their own unique way of living. It's empathy.

If you relate to this, that person is you

And whoever likeminded is apart of the community.




  • Mama

    The future is in your brand. Soaring to newer heights in the delivery of uniqueness.

  • Charity

    I love the passion you put into the brand. The clothes are different from any other brand. Very unique. I love it

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