$45 for a D.A.C Shirt!?

I understand why the price for certain items would be a shock to some. My explanation to that is I don't want to create something you'll wear couples times then the quality fades away. Quality cost more to make in oppose to fast fashion and I prioritize quality. I'm into making timeless things.

Also with the price being where it's at it separates people who kinda want it from the people who really want it and I'm with the people who really wants it 100%. 

Importantly I wouldn't want to mislead people on the price when the brand gets bigger. I wouldn't want to start with a really low price then as soon as it gets big people see a whole different price that hits them unexpectedly. So I think the price is good where it's at.

I want you to be able to take out a D.A.C piece from your closet years from now and say "wow" its still looks good.

That's the value of D.A.C


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