Why do I feel bad for putting myself first?

Putting yourself first Is kind of frowned upon in society because people view it as selfish but there’s a difference between the two in fact people who don’t want you to put yourself first are the ones who are being selfish. There’s a saying that goes people want you to do good but never better than them and it’s true with most people because when you put yourself first your operating out of your best self and people love when they can have someone always accessible to them. Which is selfish because everyone has their own lives.

   Feeling bad about putting yourself first when it was out of pure intentions stems from people pleasing. If you’re not stepping on no one toes for your own selfish ambition your simply just looking out for yourself protecting your energy. Sometimes it’s from being around the wrong people and they want you to be all about them but the energy is rarely reciprocated. No one should dedicate their entire life to someone else’s. A genuine relationship between anyone is when you pour positive energy into them and they do it back not because you expect them to but because it simply isn’t healthy being one sided. Everything is energy, you simply talking to someone is you giving them your energy and that’s energy you’re gonna have to get back somehow just to function at your highest level, so it would be great for the energy to be reciprocated in a way that’s not draining you. It might contradict my whole message of relying on yourself for your own energy from previous blogs but I’m not swaying from that, it’s more so about not letting life harder than it is. It’s great to keep like minded people around you so when you make pure decisions to better and maintain yourself you won’t feel attacked by them because they’ll understand it.

The other part to it that you may feel bad for putting yourself first is because of loyalty. Loyalty is very necessary in any relationship and you might feel your breaking the loyalty rule for putting yourself first but before you can be loyal to anyone you have to be loyal to yourself, let me explain. Building loyalty for yourself you set rules, boundaries and morals for yourself that you won’t break for anyone because it’ll be out of your character, out of living your truth ; when you know yourself you surround yourself with similar people and if you have to step out of what you believe in to be loyal to them your breaking the loyalty rule for yourself and if they can’t understand you might need to change your circle. Of course you won’t agree with everything with a person but if you have to break your core foundation of what makes you-you, that’s you living for them.

   Putting yourself first is necessary to living your fullest life. It all starts with you and if your at your highest self everyone that you love and care for benefits in a much greater way than if you were living solely for someone else. Your kids, your family, your friends everyone will feel your pure intentions because sometimes words and action means nothing but energy always

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