We’re All Gonna Die

One thing we’re all sure about is that we’re all gonna die & we don’t know when,where and how. The one thing most people say on their death bed is that they regret not living fully true to themselves. Sometimes we take for granted how short life is, we live as if tomorrow is a guarantee but it’s knowing that we’re gonna leave one day which set us to reality by realizing that the time is now to live how we really want to live.

   None of us make it out alive in life. They say everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die but why do we even see death as a bad thing when it’s knowing that we’re gonna die that brings out the best version of ourselves, it’s what makes us appreciate the smallest things from feeling the morning wind flowing through our clothing, down to a small moment talking to your favorite person. Never tell yourself the lie that “whenever I make this amount of money or whenever I finish etc or one day when life gets easier I’ll start living”; it never ends, live now, you don’t have to spend every minute of your day hustling and bustling. Some people work to retire their entire life never spending as much time as they’d like doing the things they’d truly want to do or with the ones they care about the most, never living their life to it’s true meaning and end up dying right before they retire. It’s like they’re living just to make money and pay bills instead of living to enjoy every moment, the good the bad, instead of freeing their mind from the outside world and seeing the world for what it is. It all a bunch of unnecessary things that the leaders of the world creates to keep us in a constant state of worry, fear, all that negative stuff to distract us from seeing the true value of self in my opinion because the more we get in tune with our power the less they can control us.

   Moral of it all most of whatever you’re worrying about won’t even matter when you die. Just to show you how pointless it is to worry, worrying doesn’t even fix a situation only action does and you think through things better at your calmest state. All you have is now, you can’t get back lost time and you don’t even know if you’re gonna wake up tomorrow so use right now as your advantage to live the truest version of yourself.

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  • Grace

    Enjoyed the reading !God bless , guide and keep you is my prayers! Keep up the good work

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