The Fight You Get From Being Yourself

The hardest battles come at you when you’re being yourself and living life to the fullest not playing it safe. You’ll get attacks from everywhere but it’s how you react to them that counts. People who play it safe don’t experience as much, they lock themselves in a box away from the world, sure you’ll save yourself from a lot of hurt but you’ll be dying inside to live and we all die anyway so its best to be in a state of living to die than to be dying to live. They say you only live once but you live everyday, if you truly go out there and LIVE you’ll experience a lot, separating yourself from the majority simply because a lot of people aren’t living like that; you’ll stand out and standing out you’ll come across people who want you to be like them and people who want to be you.

   When you don’t fit in sometimes it gets dangerous especially in a toxic environment, you don’t know who’s inspired by you or who hates/envy you, because you’re such a stand out people will feel your presence and try to get in your space from something as simple as a convo while they wait for that vulnerable moment to attack, and on the other hand you got others that want to get close to you out of pure interest and love. Then you’ll have people that want you to think and act like them, label you as stubborn when you don’t want to conform to their way of living just for knowing what you want. Apart from getting attacked from people life will seem like a constant tussle because you’re going for what you want, sometimes it can seem like a uphill battle, sometimes you’ll be doing the right thing and things still doesn’t go your way but that’s why it’s so important to stay true. The more you live the more life obstacles come at you it seems, you’ll go through a lot of things people wouldn’t understand because they’ve never pushed this far.

  Point is being yourself is dirty work, you’ll be at your most peace but you’ll be battling life until the battles feel like minor things. It doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger.

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