The Dark Truth About Being Yourself

Truth is you and everyone can’t get along. Some people will never understand and it’s not your job to explain to everyone that don’t. You’ll find some people minds are in a box and will only see things from their point of view not because they can’t see it any other way but because that’s how they choose to operate. Try to give an understanding to people you care to but don’t waste time thinking that just because you tell them they’ll understand, remember for the most part it’s who feels it knows it.

On this journey of being yourself the people you love might feel uncomfortable with your growth because now you might have set boundaries that weren’t there before, now you might have to love them from a distance because they’re holding you back without them even noticing and they want you to revert back to your old self because you were living based on their opinions that didn’t align with you anyway.

Real talk though being yourself gets lonely at times because if your a person like me that came up in a type of environment where people don’t express themselves fully they won’t understand why you’re the way you are because it’s unfamiliar to them. I mean everyone are being themselves to a certain extent but it’s when a person is fully being themselves is when you know they’re living in their truth. If you’re that person living in your truth you’ll be criticized, you’ll lose friends, feel like your in the wrong generation, misunderstood, shamed and envied. It’s gonna feel weird sometimes, like no one wants to be real, it’s gonna be a journey finding like minded people like you because they won’t know you’re real unless you’re out in the world expressing yourself and even if you’re an introvert there’s always a way to do that. Its hard to even know who’s real from fake when there’s so much pretenders. Some days you might even feel drained because of how fake you realize the world is and how much you don’t agree with a lot of what’s going on. Apart from that there’s people out there that’s willing to be fully themselves, they just don’t know how; don’t give up on them instead teach them once their willing to learn and apply. When you find those people that relate to you it’s gonna be a joy and they may not agree with everything like minor things that doesn’t really define who you are to the core but once their intention is pure and it’s not comprimizing your truth it’s alright.

   The journey is not all glamorous but I can bet you wouldn’t want it any other way once you start operating in your truth; just be you and stay true you’ll be alright. The rain falls and the sun shines on everyone.

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