Stay True

As humans we’re creatures of habits so we could be doing so well in knowing, embracing and being ourselves as stated in the (How To Be Yourself blog) and revert back to our old habits completely falling off track because we didn’t stick with it. We didn’t set a routine that’ll let us stay on track, or a tragedy could happen in our lives that drift us apart from the mindset we had. Even though life happens there’s always a way to stick to your script and that’s just from keeping your promises to yourself.

  Staying true requires consistency in your routine. Life is a test a there will always be something that’ll try to distract you from the routine you set, but just like how no matter the circumstances you’ll most likely find something to eat and drink, time to brush your teeth and time to talk to someone you love, it’s the same way you have to prioritize your routine that keeps you on track. When your the best version of yourself you do everything to the best of your ability and you give everyone and everything you interact with your best. Some days you’ll feel like you can do anything you set out to do and some days you may not but it’s more so of sticking to the script and not your emotion that should determine how you go about doing things. Some of the things that build a strong routine that I use myself is knowledge on self development. You can read books that you’re actually interested in and listen/watch podcast, prioritize time to rest, go to new places your in harmony with at least once a month and have a solid group of likeminded people around you that you can talk to. Surround your life around your routine and depending on your lifestyle you’ll need to adjust your routine now and then or constantly. Set out some free time in your days to plan your routine. Staying true also requires resilience and determination for there will always be people that’ll try to sway you away from your truth. You’ll realize sometimes your convo and what you believe in is totally different from someone you come in contact with so it’s best to learn what you need from it and move on. Don’t spend too much time thinking of it because it will end up being your thoughts.

  In conclusion staying true is more so about the process and it’s continuous work with yourself. It’s where you’ll be tested, it’s where you’ll question a lot of things but resilience will bring you to the answers just keep going. Be you, Stay true

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