How Your Ego Blocks Your Inner Voice

If you let your ego control you, you won’t see life for what it really is. You’ll see life at a shallow level with no real depth and this affects your perception of yourself, relationships, career, the environment you choose to stay in and I could go on and on. Most of us may be out of physical slavery but a lot of us are still in mental slavery. A big ego contributes to mental slavery because It stops you from listening to your inner voice getting you caught up in how others perceive you becoming a slave to their thoughts.

  To make it clear my definition of ego is viewing yourself as superior to others, whereas your inner voice is more of a free thinker. When you listen to your inner voice you make better judgments which is crucial to living life freely on your terms. In oppose to that having an ego is other people’s terms because it stems off insecurity of how other people perceives you and you’ll need your ego to fed by them. Once you get entangled with other people opinions it’s not your life again as you may already feel deep down. Knowing that and continuously not making the effort to live life completely on your terms stems off fear. Fear hides in ego which can tell you a lot about a person with a big ego. They really fear losing something from the outside world like acknowledgement, praise, superiority, status and everything that goes hand in hand with that. Living like this you’ll never feel fulfilled, you’ll play a constant game of keeping up. You might have the latest thing right now amongst your peers but by next year there’s another new thing and now the attention is off to someone else. This state of living brings envy, jealousy and greed, it never ends. The best state you can be in life is by being happy with where you are now, you don’t need nothing from the outside world to give you that joy, it’s all inside of you.

The ego blocks you from seeing things for what it really is which is life is happening now, everyone are just regular human beings just like me, you, him, her and if you’re special everyone is also special because we’re all the same. Your reflection is all around you if you really break people down to their simplest form; we’re all just human beings going through life trying to find the best way to navigate. A baby is an example of a human in one of their purest form. It’s when we grow up we get corrupted by the world and lose our true identity associating ourselves with money, job positions and status. We get judge by things we can’t change like our genetics when we really are just souls in a body. Have you ever looked in a mirror and find yourself thinking this is really me, I’m in this body, I’m this person. It’s like you’re seeing yourself from a third perspective, I believe that’s your soul speaking. Your soul is your inner voice and if you don’t know your soul you don’t know yourself. The soul acts out of love, once you love yourself you know the true meaning of love and able to love everyone else.

In conclusion who you think you are, you really may not be if it’s led by your ego. That’s just the world projection you adapted to you. Have your own thoughts while carefully picking and choosing what information to add to yourself just always remember if your not led by yourself someone else is leading you.

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