How To Be Yourself (Be You)

We’re all gonna die, so it’s best to live the 100% you. Many people live their lives and never really lived true to themselves. It’s when they’re on their death bed they realize all along they didn’t do what they truly wanted to do and the only way you can truly do what you want to do is by being yourself. It’s more to that though, there’s an idea that there are 3 stages into living your truth and that’s knowing yourself, embracing yourself and being yourself.

    To even be yourself you’ll have to know yourself. You might identify yourself with where you’re from, what you like, and the type of person you are like introvert or extrovert, even though those help build your character there’s actually more to knowing yourself. To find that you’ll have to see yourself at your simplest form. Without everything, everyone you knew and your environment who would you be? How would you contribute to the world? Thats how you’ll know who you are but to even answer those you’d have to put your ego to the side, and it may take isolation and it’ll definitely take patience. You just have to be willing to wait and see the signs because Knowing yourself takes time. Pay attention to  how you act when your happy. And when your happy take notice of how u interact with people, what’s your perspective on the world in that moment. How do you deal with problems, are you more talkative, are you more fast paced? What triggered it? Was it someone’s energy from a call? Do you wake up earlier?  Do you care about peoples opinion? Do you spend less time on the phone? Is it from going to the gym yesterday? Maybe you’ll find that your purpose on earth is to love and leave it all on the earth. For example everyone you come across and everything you do your more intentional because you’re acting out of love. By doing this you get to find out what and you’re in harmony with because the energy is reciprocated and once you’ll know what takes and give you energy you’ll know where to spend most of your time and how to balance your energy.

     Often time this part gets skipped but regardless you have to embrace yourself. Upon knowing yourself you’ll find some uncomfortable truths about yourself. You might find out the people you love the most are pulling you further away from who you are, you might find the career you choose to do isn’t really for you because it doesn’t go in harmony with your soul, you might even find you were the problem in a lot of situations because you didn’t know yourself well enough to navigate it. You might find out you are someone that the world won’t really celebrate because it’s not a status symbol for society for example you really want to be a farmer but the world may not see you as valuable as a doctor but you may know within yourself you’re duty is just as important to the world which it would be. This is where you build your self worth, confidence, standards, boundaries, resilience and other morals. This is where you’ll find what drives you to not lower your standards for society and know that even if people don’t embrace you, you embrace yourself.

This is where the real work comes In. Actually being who you are, actually keeping your promise to yourself, actually acting on what you set out to do and actually living what you’ve embraced. You have to do it with confidence because that’s who you are it’s not something to change. What helps is surrounding yourself with things that remind you of yourself, doing your passion and go where your needed.(more on that in the STAY TRUE blog)This is the part that most people don’t do mainly because of fear. If you’re a person who wasn’t living to your fullest all this time it won’t be easy. Just make sure you keep trying everyday to get closer to who you know you are and never stop swinging. Give everyday your all, most of the time we dedicate ourselves to work, someone or things but this time it’s about dedicating to reaching your full potential. Once you do that everything else comes naturally. This is where staying true comes in.

All three are important and necessary just make sure you follow through. As you go you’ll learn so treat it like an everyday development rather than just reaching an end goal because it never ends. You’ll always find something new about yourself so just enjoy the process and let life do it’s thing and reveal the answers to you.


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