How To Be Yourself Around Others

When you think about it, it’s simple but simple doesn’t mean easy. It’s from fear of being judged and getting a negative reaction from the people around you at the time. If it’s something you fear you first have to find a way to deal with your fear. A way of dealing with fear is concurring one of the biggest fear there is if not the biggest, it’s the fear of dying. If you embrace that one day you’ll leave this earth, you don’t know when and how then it’s easier to live life with little to no fear of anyone and anything; that’s when being yourself around people won’t be an issue because you might think to yourself “why waste time thinking about the negative reaction they’ll give towards me when all of us are gonna die and none of it will matter”, but I get that it’s scary for some to think about death so it’s best to concur it in baby steps while still not holding back. Don’t rush but don’t waste no time.

To concur fear you have to approach it head on, and one step towards that in this scenario is to never agree with something you truly disagree with. If you have something to say that you know many might disagree with, express yourself in a respectful way. Agree to disagree but keep it respectful, if your being disrespected for your opinion respectfully and firmly leave. Think freely your life is a gift, everyone is different so you can add value to anywhere you go. Sometimes they won’t get it right away but it’ll be something for them to think about after.      

   Point is be who you know you are, that’s your gift to us. Be around people that respect you and you respect them just the same. Don’t be afraid to speak your truth and keep in mind when 1 million people agree on something that doesn’t mean they’re right.

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  • Grace

    Thank you for the encouragement! May God bless your work.

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