How does individuality goes hand in hand with fashion.

Individuality in fashion is what keeps fashion exciting. If we all wore the same thing fashion would’ve felt like we’re going to school wearing a uniform we can’t even alter or add our own little flare to it, it would be boring. Individuality in fashion is a part of the reason why you like your favorite artist, music videos, movies, it’s why trends are started not so much of why it’s continued but it’s always the person who has their own unique style becomes the trendsetter leaving everyone trying to be like them when they could simply be themselves.

Fashion isn’t a one size fits it all kinda thing. It’s what fits you and I’m not talking only size, it’s about your entire look. What colors matches your personality, what material, what cut, what design, it all counts in the way you express yourself. Think of it as you’re an artist and your wearing your art on your body instead of having it on a canvas, you and other people can interact with it and you might even inspire and make someone’s day without you knowing, all from being and expressing yourself. Self expression is all around us, key word “self”. It’s how we can identify bikers from a  dancer and a rapper from a pop singer and even in those individual groups the person with their own identity stands out more without trying, the look they have may have been just mostly inspired by bikers or rappers and they bring their own style to it. Inspiring is different from copying just to make it clear, inspiring is when you see something for what it is and express your side of it or show what else it could be; whether people want to admit it or not everything we create is inspired by something. Copying is when you take someone’s whole idea and try to act as if it’s yours without putting your own flare to it, you’d be better off just giving the person their credit and go on about your day.

   Individuality in fashion is a great way to show what you represent but it isn’t real if it isn’t SELF satisfactory. You can come up with refreshing styles that brightens your day and keep your creativity flowing.

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