Being Yourself VS Changing

It might be a little confusion to this because as stated in the ego blog the ego can block you from seeing your true self and you might think you were being yourself when you actually weren’t. If you’re coming from a place where you were led by a big ego feeling as if you are above everyone else and now you’re changing for the better; that is you being you’re actually self, your fullest self, who your inner voice was actually trying to tell you to be all along but if you were actually being who you truly are and now changing for the bad then that’s where things are going downhill.

  If you’re changing for the bad you need to go back to the ground work of what makes you-you. Being yourself is a continuous state of mind and we’re all humans so sometimes we fall off track but the more consistent you are being yourself the less you’ll fall off the tracks until you can’t help but to stay on track. Gotta find out what’s changing you, most of the time it’s because you’re letting the outside world dictate your inner voice and there’s a gem that goes something like this “a ship can sail on water but the moment water gets in the ship it sinks, and we’re similar to this, we shouldn’t let the outside world cloud our thoughts because that’ll be you living your life for them and you already know that’s not living. Take a moment to find back your purpose and stick to your script.

   I believe changing for the bad is the only way we’re not being ourselves because I believe every human being true goal in life is to be happy and anything that pulls us back from that is not us but you still have to be careful with THINKING you’re changing for the good when your only changing for the good of someone else.

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