Being Yourself VS Being Someone Else

Everyone has their own lives so why give them yours? Every time you disregard what you truly believe in to follow what someone else wants you to do with your life your giving away your reason to live. God, the creator, allah, universe or whatever you wanna call it *in my opinion they’re all the same* gave you life for a reason, gave you your own vision for yourself for a reason. It’s yours no one can dictate what you see and feel. So what sense would it make to treat whatever they say about you and your life like it’s written in stone. A big part of your happiness and being fullfilled comes from living your life on your own terms; whereas depression, low self esteem, acting out of ego, easily embarrassed comes from living your life for other people.

Many people look towards the outside world for happiness but none of that is the root of your happiness, It all really starts with you. Look at it this way you could be homeless and happy and u might say a first that doesn’t make sense because you’d have little to nothing but it all starts from what you tell yourself in your mind. A big reason why a person wouldn’t want to be homeless is how people would look at them but what if they didn’t care that they were in fact homeless? Another reason would be they would want to be in a comfortable safe space but what if they were just happy to be alive? kinda like how a dog finds happiness in the littlest things and another point they might bring up is they don’t wanna starve to death (assuming they also don’t have any income coming in) but what if they weren’t scared to die? as long as they knew they tried their best in this thing called life. Do you understand where I’m getting at? Though I’m not saying live your life recklessly and go be homeless on purpose, I’m just saying It all starts with the way you view life so therefore the root to your happiness is you. When you’re living your life on your terms you move completely different, you operate in higher energy, you beam off confidence in your presence by the way you walk, talk, your attitude NATURALLY and because of that you attract people that want to associate themselves with you which will eventually lead to interacting with more likeminded people and to be honest also a next group of people who want to steal your energy but because your living on your terms you choose whether or not to even give them your energy and speaking of energy you’ll know what and who drains your energy and what and who gives you energy because you’re more in tune with yourself. But to even be yourself you have to know yourself and I talk about that in the “How To Be Yourself ” blog

In oppose to living on your terms, living on someone else’s terms brings out all the negative emotions you could think of. It’s a crippling experience because you know there must be more to life but your stuck in someone else’s perception. Which can be hard to shift from because it could be someone you love, respect or trust and because you don’t want to disappoint them or hurt their feelings you might choose their word against yours but that’ll leave you in a state of depression because you can never be truly happy not living a fulfilled life, it can leave you in a constant state of anger and regret because 30 years can pass and you didn’t do what you truly want and you can’t get back time, it can lead you in a constant state of low self esteem because once you take on someone else way of life more than likely you’ll take on more people opinion about yourself and if you’ve interacted with people enough you’ll realize people judge more than they know about you. You can always take into consideration what someone is saying but if it doesn’t match up with your core beliefs of why you truly believe your on earth all ego and fear aside you should never entertain it. (more on that in the “How the ego blocks your inner voice” blog) Before you listen to someone else advice on how to live your life, get to know yourself first. The way I see it it’s best to mess up on the expense of your own than to mess up on the expense of someone else.

In conclusion there’s nobody like you, there’s a reason why you have your own finger print. Therefore it’s disrespectful to yourself to not live your fullest life. If there’s one thing you can learn from every great people that walked this earth is that they’ve all been themselves and they don’t compromise or bend their true morals and values for no one. So it’s always better to live your life fueled by your truth rather than someone else’s

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