Become The Best Version Of Yourself

You can achieve anything you want you just have to be on the same frequency as it. Everything is energy, everything moves nothing rests. Everything on this earth works off vibration. The reason you are where you are right now is because you’re on the same frequency as it. Think about it, you interact with people with similar energy as yours, you attract situations and opportunities that goes with your energy good or bad.

So if everything that’s on this earth moves even if it appears still, everything has energy, that dream house that you want has energy why, because it’s made from everything of the earth, that dream car you want has energy, because it’s made from the earth and everything on earth is energy. You are a walking ball of energy, you’re not your body, your body is just what your soul thats powered by energy is in. We are creators because we are made from the self image of our creator. Think about how we’re walking around with computers in our pocket, we have self driving cars, we can fly planes, and they’re all made from the earth. We can do anything we imagine, if it’s not done it’s just not imagined and followed through with plan and action yet. To get it you have to be on the same frequency as it, you have to think like you already posses it, key word THINK not just say. If you think like a person who already has it that means you can get it again, your mind will find and attract a way. It’s like when your mind is in survival mode, you get creative on how to find a solution. Try it, imagine everything you want and watch how ideas start to flow on how to get it. You don’t need money until you’ve made the decision that you’re going to get what you want out of life. People who get what they want know what they want and don’t worry about how they’re gonna get it, they just dedicate their life to getting it.

You have to become that person that posses these things and it will come to you, all you have to do is shift your mindset.




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