Be Yourself Do What You Love

Many of our unhappiness comes from doing something that doesn’t align with our soul especially if we do it daily like your job, bad habits your addicted to and associating with energies that doesn’t feel like matches where you’d want to be in your life. You won’t find meaning in life unless you find out what love is, I believe love is more of a knowing than it is an emotion. Love isn’t circumstantial or conditional atleast it shouldn’t be. Love is moreso of a undeniable presence in your soul that guides you with faith to let you know win, lose, draw, hurt, any type of emotion or circumstances you know that this or who deserves your love but at the same time I don’t believe you should lose yourself to love something or someone.

When you find out what you love and do it you see life through a different lens. Remember life is about loving and giving your all. So when you find out what you love and give your all to it you’re doing the greater good. You’re living in you’re gift each time you wake up you know you’re on a mission and being that love is more so of a knowing, you won’t quit when things get rough you’ll be willing to die behind it as long as you don’t lose your soul doing it. The obstacles won’t phase you as much because you would rather do nothing else. You meet likeminded Individuals along the journey because they’re on a similar mission and they’ll have energy you’d want to associate with instead of leaches that’ll only take from you. On the other hand not doing what you love brings depression at a different frequency, a type of suicidal depression because if you don’t have something to remind you of why you’re on this earth it’s easier to give up on life.

Love is the driving force of life. Im not a religious person but I believe every religion has one thing in common, it has love in them and that’s what keeps them going. So find what you love and do it, see life from a different lens.


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