Be Yourself And The World Will Adjust

I get it being your true self out of no where can seem quite weird because you might be thinking of how uncomfortable it may feel to you and/or of how the ones close to you will view this change. Sure it’s going to feel uncomfortable at first but that’s a good thing because you’re pushing yourself and isn’t that one of the purpose of living?, reaching your highest level. No matter what you do in life people will judge you, could be your family member, people where you go, people in your hometown, people in a rich neighborhood or people in a poor neighborhood, it doesn’t matter that’s the nature of people they judge;  just keep the real ones close and that’s how you create your own world and peace.

  Even if people see you as foreign to them they’ll eventually see it as a norm because in life there’s always something else to talk and think about and regardless their opinion of you doesn’t matter anyway, as long as you’re living pure they really should mind their business but they can’t they’re humans. There's no purpose of trying to reinvent the wheel, it simply wont work to try to be liked in the eyes of everyone because people will always be people, they only can be changed if they are willing to and most of the work isnt your job to do. I say that to say don't waste your life trying to make people accept you, eventually they'll realize it is what it is, you are what you are. One thing with humans they always adapt; take a look at the pandemic when it first started, there was a lot of opinions and now everyone is just living with it.

  Moral of it all is you’ll be in complete misery trying to be liked by everyone. Love you or hate you it doesn’t matter because you love yourself. They'll give you a fight against your character but if you're strong enough you'll hold firm out of respect for yourself and they’ll eventually see that they can’t change you.

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  • Claudine

    I am so proud of you Mr. DAC..

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